Brand Research

Brand research
Before a company embarks on the exciting and sometimes painful process of re-branding, it needs to go beyond theory and acquire actionable knowledge- game-changing insights that can steal market share and drive sustainable business results. Brand research aims at building, strengthening, extending brands and providing a competitive advantage to a company. Companies should engage in brand research when they want to learn how their best customers perceive them, why customers choose them over competing brands, and how to express their brand universally and crisply across all print and electronic media. Brand research is conducted on

New brand: When companies are launched, it is conducted to first define the competitive set as it exists in the minds of the target customer and then to understand how to position the new brand in that set.

Brand elasticity: When companies want to offer a new product or service, they need to determine whether the customer will allow the brand to travel from the existing products to the new products

Brand architecture: When two companies merge, they develop a business strategy. Similarly, when two brands merge, they need to develop a brand architecture that defines how the two brands will retain their current customers and attract new customers.

Rejuvenating brands: As markets change and customer needs evolve, companies often lose their most profitable customers to new competitors. As their offerings become commodities, their brands become diluted. In essence, both their business and their brands lose their meaning and relevance to their target customers. Brand strategists can identify the remaining equity in the diminished brand, define the new brand promise and reposition the brand to its target customers