Senior Professional Level CV

Senior Professional: 6 to 10 Years Work Experience. Cost: Ksh 2,000
Being a proficient you have been through it all. You might have changed line of work a couple of times. You might have climbed the ladder and you\'re now a superior. Does your CV bring to light your supervisory aptitude as it should be? At ten years of experience you are in search of a demanding decision-making position and this is what we deliver.
We offer quite a variety of options for this level as it marks a very important segment in the candidates career.The CV\'s on offer for this segment include, A hybrid Cv, Functional Cv, Reverse Chronological Cv and Strip Cv dependant on someones profession and academic qualification.We include some extras in the package such as to ensure that the candidate is well positioned and remains competitive.Our exposure to the market has given us a lot of experience to know what works for you.